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What do you think about the knife that was found recently and dated to be millions of years old?Doesn’t that make you question the bible’s creation story?Because today’s rate of decay has been established the less 14-C in an item the older it will date.While this sounds straightforward, unobserved assumptions corrupt the integrity of carbon dating results.The few scientists who work with carbon dating generally agree measurable amounts of C-14 decay away less than 100,000 years.Yet 14-C has been discovered in diamonds, oil, natural gas and coal which secularists claim are millions of years old.For me it doesn’t cause doubts because there are other reasonable arguments for god’s existence, like the evidence of objective moral truth or the evidence for intelligent design.

This paper will focus on how the radiocarbon dating method works, how it is used by scientists, and how creationists have interpreted the results.

Accessed 2013 Jul 2" href="#footnote2_f2rc50z" Both the carbon-14 dating results and the discovery of soft tissue in incompletely fossilized dinosaur bones share the common theme of being indicators of much younger ages for dinosaurs than evolution claims.

Compared to the conventional theory of dinosaurs’ being at minimum 65 million years old, the time it would take soft tissue to degrade and the Each of the two thousand meeting participants was given a disc which included the abstract of the carbon-14 dating report.

In fact I knew nothing about radiometric dating and I must admit that learning about it seemed a bit intimidating.

I am also sure that this intimidation is what leads most people to just accept this type scientific statements as fact instead of taking a critical look at the process.

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